bird sculpture 2.JPG bird sculpture.JPG black bronze slab relief vase view 2.JPG black bronze slab relief vase view 3.JPG black bronze slab relief vase.JPG blue bronze wide brimmed jug view 2.JPG blue bronze wide brimmed jug.JPG
blue plate.JPG contrast bird sculpture view 2.JPG contrast bird sculpture.JPG contrast jug 2.JPG contrast jug.JPG green slab vase 2.JPG green slab vase.JPG
large contrast vase 2.JPG large contrast vase 3.JPG large dish 2.JPG large green vase 2.JPG large green vase.JPG large triangle contrast pattern vase view 2.JPG large triangle contrast pattern vase.JPG
large vase contrast leaf pattern view 2.JPG large vase contrast leaf pattern.JPG

oval blue green leaf design dish.JPG

pitcher alt view.JPG pitcher.JPG tall black bronze relief vase view 2.JPG tall black bronze relief vase view 3.JPG
tall black bronze relief vase.JPG tall contrast jug 2.JPG tall contrast jug.JPG tall contrast vase view 2.JPG tall contrast vase.JPG tall geometric vase 2.JPG

tall geometric vase.JPG

teapot 2.JPG







A selection of my recent work.

I have been developing new and varied designs and finishes using a range of techniques. Many of these pieces are larger in scale. Click on the small image to see a larger version.

This is only a small sample of what is on display at the Pottery. Please visit to see the full range.